Each time you browse the internet you find pumping into several websites. Some are legit, and some are owned by fraudsters. It is always advisable to visit sites that are secure to ensure that you are secure and your privacy is not compromised. Most websites that we visit normally creates cookies on our computers.

Cookies are very small packages of data that created on your device whenever you visit a website. Your Firefox, Chrome or any other browser forms files and stores them on the hard disk. These cookies contain your username, the last date you visited the site and the record of pages you have visited. These data packages contain your browsing history, account logins, and all the active information. Some fraudster can use the cookies in tracking your activities for advertising purposes.


A cookie is not a private data package. You can easily read the information encrypted on another person’s computer. Therefore, you should delete and block these cookies from day to day. When they accumulate on your hard drive, they can be read by a third party, and this may compromise your privacy. Therefore, the first benefit of deleting cookies is to maintain your web credibility and privacy. Although the reader may not come up with your clear identity, your privacy may be at risk.


Secure your accounts

Whenever you delete your cookies on a regular basis, you simply log out of your internet accounts. Deleting makes the device to forget you logins even if you checked in with “remember me” when logging in. Again when logging in to the site that you signed in previously, the site recreates the cleared cookies. Although clearing cookies may bring up logging in problems to your account, it is better that way because your accounts will be secured.

Defaults the settings

When you delete cookies while logged on to an account, your customized settings changes to default. This allows you to customize your account setting in a more secure way.  Make sure to always google history clean to remain safe and it is also good to revisit your settings in order to keep your internet security up to date.


Some of the websites we visit create third-party cookies which are served from marketing networks Google’s Double-click promotional campaigns. This data can be reported back to your browsing activities across many other sites. Most sites use these to compile statistics. Therefore, clearing these cookies will help in interrupting this process hence protecting you from trackers. When the cookies are deleted the trackers’ data of you is lost.


Deleting and blocking

Most internet users often block or delete cookies to prevent them from rendering your privacy to the trackers. You can choose to delete or block the cookies by default and allow them to some particular websites. Since many sites recreate the deleted cookies in a short span, some savvy users decide to block the cookies completely. Basically, blocking is the most effective way to prevent abuse of your privacy and tracking. However, it can pose major downsides. When you block the cookies, you will always be required to enter your credentials anytime you want to log in.